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Warranty Policy

Vicious Off road does not offer any type of warranty coverage for defective products. However, many of the products available through our website are covered separately under a manufacturer's warranty.

If you recently purchased a product from Vicious Off road and are concerned about the fitment or performance of your item, please contact a member of our customer service department for assistance. Our customer service representatives can provide installation support, troubleshooting advice, and assistance identifying the issues with the manufacturer’s Product.

If we determine that your product does have serious defects, our customer service department can serve as a contact with the manufacturer to help arrange a warranty inspection and, if applicable, any necessary repairs or replacement shipments.

If you wish, you may also contact the manufacturer directly for information regarding product eligibility and specific terms and conditions of warranty coverage.

Vicious Off road does not cover miscellaneous expenses including, but not limited to labor costs for removal and installation of a defective part, materials, lost time or wages, towing, lift, dock or storage fees.

Vicious Off road shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages as a result of product defects.